Psychic Medium Troy Griffin FAQ

1. Isn’t a psychic and psychic medium one in the same?

Think of it this way — all psychic mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are psychic mediums. In other words, if a person is psychic, the person may not necessarily be a psychic medium. Fact is, although the gift of mediumship is very powerful, it is also very rare.

2. How can a psychic medium communicate with those on the other side?

A psychic medium connects with the spiritual realm through a process called channelling. Psychic mediums are experts in channelling their psychic energy to cut across borders to the other side and to connect with the energies of spiritual beings so that they communicate with them.

3. Why seek the services of a psychic medium?

Generally, psychic mediums can give better advice and insights in psychic readings compared to regular psychics. When you seek a reading from a medium, not only do you get to know more about your past, present, and your future, you also get to communicate with loved ones who have passed on to the next life — your spirit guides, and guardian angels! Aside from that, you can even seek guidance from these spiritual beings via the medium during psychic readings.

4. Is it really possible for a psychic medium to render his or her services and psychic readings even just through the phone?

Yes, psychic mediums are experts in distant psychic services.

5. Can I also learn to communicate with the spiritual realm as psychic mediums do?

You absolutely can! However, enhancing one’s psychic mediumship skills is not something you can do overnight. With the right mindset, patience, dedication, and mentorship from an expert psychic medium, you will surely learn how to communicate with the other side.My office is located at 8771 Wolff Court #225, Westminster, Colorado. Readings in-office,
by phone or Skype, or at your home.