Psychic Investigation servicesTroy Griffin is a Psychic Medium whose practice specializes in violent crimes, cold cases, unsolved murders, missing person(s), and past loved ones.

Psychic Medium Troy is the Founder of North American Psychic Investigations, a group was formed to bring talented honest, hard-working Psychic Mediums from around the United States, to assist in cases locally and nationally.

We are a powerful group of individuals with similar and different gifts we share, different backgrounds, life experiences and knowledge coming together to form our “TEAM” for a greater good and higher spirit with NO hidden agendas!

Our group is supported by financial contributions, supporters, and sponsors.

As a group, we review and assist in as many cases as we can handle and that number is based on the types of cases and time spent per case as some cases are ongoing and can take a year or more to finish. We are unable to take on all cases sent to us. If we are unable to take your case on, we will contact you and ask if you would like us to present it in our next review meeting or explain why we will be unable to take your case.

For more information or to submit your case, email us at: My office is located at 8771 Wolff Court #225, Westminster, Colorado.