Laura W.


Fascinating! Loved everything about my experience and I personally feel so much better!

Terri D.


I have attended one of Troy Griffin’s group readings and he was SPOT ON! People were amazed!This man is gifted. If you have an interest in psychic connection you need to be at his group readings. I am witness to his psychic abilities.

Nikki Landry – Mid Day Hostess Magic FM 98.9 KKMG


We got carried away in our reading, he was THAT good.

Terri D.


“An Evening with Passed Loved Ones” that I attended on Thurs was very powerful. Your connection to our loved ones was inspiring and I walked away feeling better about events in my life and the words of guidance from my brother who passed many years ago.

Kylie S.


Beautiful. Thank you for one of my most memorable and touching nights. You have such a phenomenal gift

Jill O.


Troy,I just wanted to send out a quick thank you note for taking the time with everyone last night that you did. I think the people that were placed in that room needed to hear what you had to say to them, including my husband.

I want to really, really thank you for taking the time with him at the very end. You brought him renewed hope in himself.

He didn’t want to attend yesterday, but on our lllooonnnggg drive home last night he wouldn’t stop talking about it and writing his book and how he felt so much better.

He was in awe last night that what they told him came true. I was happy that someone else was able to tell him that we will get through this whole money issue and that he needs to find himself again.

The world is so weird and scary now-a-days and people are so negative, so that is why I wanted to reach out and tell you thank you. We hope to meet you again someday.

Jennifer C.


I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and kindness with a friend of mine. You’ve truly touched her heart and opened her up to amazing possibilities.

Mandah C.


I am just here to say that months later Troy nailed so many things!! He was right about so many things. I came out swinging after my surgery and he was SO RIGHT about it being a man and woman in a reaching hospital. Thank you so much Troy!

Amanda C.

Mar 1, 2015

Troy is so beyond amazing and the real deal. He said things only my dad and I would know. I felt so much closure leaving Troy and is session and am so thankful for today.


February 16, 2015

My session. Troy thank you so much for spending time with me Saturday. It was a beautiful experience for me and cleared my mind of many things that needed to be set free. You are a gentle man with a wonderful gift. I am so pleased to have found you. Thank you again and I will spread the word of who you are and the gift you have. I will see you again soon.


February 12, 2015

Hi Troy. I just wanted to take a few minutes while waiting for my flight to tell you I thought you did an amazing job yesterday. We are a complicated pair to read and I’m sorry for that. Dana was telling everyone about her reading.


January 7, 2015

Hi Troy
Many thanks for my reading you are spot on with it. Yes I agree we know we need to make the changes but we need to get it right this time lol. I’m taking baby steps this time making small changes daily, once again many thanks good luck and keep in touch.
Love, light and angelic blessings


Three generation reading with grandpa (deceased) being the primary communicator who was funny, interesting and not afraid to ask any questions. Great connection with those who have passed. Very healing and interesting to solve some family mysteries.

Diane B.

I attended a talk Troy gave last night, and also was the recipient of his “gift.” I wanted to know an answer to a question, but did not want to ask. He tuned in, and did indeed deliver what I so wanted to know….I highly recommend him…he understood my trials without knowing me, it was actually such a relief to talk with him…..and he had many helpful suggestions regarding my career, and my inner passion…..I’ll be connecting again…

Patricia E.


Great Afternoon spent with Troy. My afternoon with Troy was so uplifting and interesting. He has amazing gifts and you will walk away with a sense of peace. He brought through my father and answered many questions in our family past. Great reading and very accurate. I felt like I got to spend the afternoon with my funny father who passed over several years ago. We felt comfortable talking with him and thank him for sharing our fathers humor and love.Thank you Troy!


Thank you Troy for giving me your time in my reading. It was wonderful!! I asked about deceased loved ones & who my guardian angels were. He said I had a person on my mothers side who was watching over me from several generations back. He kept saying the name started with an E & he gave me some names that weren’t familiar with me. He said it was my great grandmother. I told him her name was Susan and my grandmothers name was Susan & I’m their namesake. I looked into my family history & my great grandmothers name was Susan Emma and she used the name “Emma” not Susan. WOW!! Troy said that was the woman who was with me at all times. Troy also gave me some valuable information from my healing guides and he said I will be a Reiki Master by this June. I will follow up on that, because I am a Reiki II & was thinking just this week that I may be ready for Master. I wish we could have talked longer (& he we did talk over an hour) because he was giving me so much information. Thank you Troy, I hope to talk to you again & I’m sure I will.


Hi Troy, I appreciate that you came in on a Saturday to see me. It was good to talk to you and I feel better. I got what I needed from my session and I will see you again sometime. Thank you very much.


Hi Troy,
I wanted to let you know what a blessing it was to visit with you on Saturday April 25th.
My sisters and I came away with a happiness we haven’t had in a while. We have an amazing time when we are together and thanks to technology, we are in contact with each other all the time. Your session with us gave new thoughts for us to ponder and answers to the things that are impacting our lives at the moment. Thank you. For me, you answered a question I had been praying about, that leaves me feeling panic and lonely. Although I didn’t ask it, you were able to answer it throughout the entire session. I have been so worried about my sisters health and happiness. You gave each one the ability to move forward with hope and patience. They have been with me for 65 years now. The relationship I have with them will probably be the longest one of my life and I’m not ready to be devastated.
We are planning to see you next year.
Thanks again!

Comfort comes from chat with Colorado medium

It is one thing to go to summer camp, get dumped out of a canoe, and realize you’re not totally comfortable in deep water. But when Troy Griffin went to camp at the age of 12 he realized he had a gift. Without attaching a name to it at the time, he later learned he was a psychic.

He talked to me on the phone for an hour from his office in Denver, Colo. I called with an open mind with maybe a touch of skepticism. I have always believed some people are so intuitive they can see things others can’t, but I wasn’t convinced it’s possible to connect with people who have passed away.

One of the things he does with his gift is help search for missing people. He also helps people move on in life after the death of a loved one by connecting with the departed and relaying information and feelings. Those abilities make him a “medium.”

I asked him how he knew at the age of 12 that he had a gift.

“I remember being in the dining hall where we ate, and I knew the conversations that were going to happen before they happened. At the time I thought it was weird, but it was the norm for me,” he said.

He said he didn’t have “the greatest relationship” with his parents so he really didn’t have anyone to talk to about things he could see. “I didn’t talk about it, but I knew I was different,” he said.

Finally at age 18 he was told he was a psychic by people who also were psychics. As a devout Christian he was nervous about the label. “But I let religion guide me and I want to use the gift God gave me to help other people,” he said.

When someone comes to him for help in finding a missing person and he takes the case, he first prays for guidance. Then he works to find clues and answers that may have been overlooked. “I only want the basic information. I look for things even the families don’t know. I will look at a picture and ask them to tell me about it,” he said. “I will see something, validate it, then pick up more things,” he said.

A case he told me about was a missing teenager, 17-year-old Mark Ysasaga. The young man had been kidnapped and killed. “Most of my cases do not have pleasant outcomes,” Troy said. Even though he connected with Mark only after he died, Troy said: “He was a great kid. I really liked his energy. When I connect with someone who has passed, I connect through their eyes. When I connected with Mark, it was a warm feeling. And his mom really touched me. I still communicate with her once in a while,” he said.

But his work isn’t finished when the person is found and the case is closed. “My job then is to help with closure and to help the family move forward,” he said.

“I won’t work on more than three cases at a time because all those things I see have to be put in the right place. And once a case is over, it’s really over for me. I move on to the next one,” he said.

Griffin says the level of difficulty connecting with someone who has passed varies. “From my experience it makes a difference how a person was in life. If it was suicide, it is hard to connect with those people. There is embarrassment and they don’t know what to say or feel,” he said. “But it just really depends how they were in life, that’s how they’re going to connect.”

Griffin has won numerous awards and is a husband of 25 years and dad to a 23-year-old son.

Unlike many psychics he doesn’t concentrate on the future. He says he doesn’t get into questions such as “is my baby going to be a girl or a boy?” or “what is going to happen in my relationship?”

“That’s not what I do. I want to help people on a deeper level,” he said.

I asked him if it is more difficult to work with a client on the phone rather than in person. He explained he much prefers working with someone in person, but that “your good and true intuits can help people over the phone,” he said.

I hadn’t planned on it, but couldn’t help myself. I asked if he had seen anything having to do with my life as we talked.

The first thing he brought up was my mom. He told me that she had passed. Yes. He said he knew we had a close relationship and that I went to see her often in the assisted living facility. Yes.

I have always been bothered that I wasn’t with my mom when she died. He said, “But when you got there soon after and sat down and touched her, she was still there. Her spirit was still there and she liked what you whispered in her ear.”

I could hardly respond to what he was saying because he described what had happened. “And she didn’t want you there when she passed because she knew it would be too difficult for you,” he said.

Well, that’s when tears came and I admit I felt very relieved.

He said, “I keep seeing crossword puzzles. Who does crosswords?” I told him my husband, and he said he could see that my husband and my mom had a good relationship. That’s true.

He said he saw a cameo. My grandmother had a cameo ring that she gave to Mom at age 16, and Mom gave it to me when I turned 16. She also gave me an antique cameo pin.

Now you say, “Well he could have guessed at all of that.” But there were many things he said that made sense and things there was no way of him knowing.

He also talked about my dad, who died at 90, and my brother who died at age 16.

Troy could tell by my voice, this information was making me tearful. “It usually happens that someone walks in a non-believer and walks out a believer,” he said. He went on to say that even though he’s not a hugger, he gets lots of hugs.

That didn’t surprise me a bit.